If you have a business and are interested in selling our products to Sabor, contact us here. We are manufacturers and wholesalers, we provide product to distributors for orders of at least one box. To contact our distribution department fill out the contact form indicating which products interest you and we will contact you in no time. You can also write to us at info@asabor.com o whatsapp +34681116629


We have a wide variety of products and volume discounts that will allow you to offer your customers quality products at a very competitive price. We are currently in the expansion phase and evaluating new areas where to carry our products.

Tell us where you plan to distribute aSabor products and we will jointly evaluate the possibilities of getting them to where you tell us


If you need to develop a new food product, in any type of container and format. Our R&D department works to offer you the products you have imagined. The latest technology machinery and our specialists are an infallible combination for the development of your ideas.


We currently have several national distributors strategically located throughout the peninsula. If you are interested in purchasing any of our products from your local distributor, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

If you are a non-professional end consumer, you can also enjoy our products in supermarkets or our online distributors: